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Apretón de manos en la oficina

There are many real estate agencies that offer you the opportunity to grow and it is up to you to select the right one to achieve your goal, not to lose the most valuable thing that human beings have and that cannot be recovered: time!

That is why after years of experience and analysis, we have come to the conclusion that the following tools will ease your path to success:

  • Continuing education, Up-to-date information gives you the necessary knowledge to provide an excellent service and the necessary confidence that you must convey to a client seeking advice.

  • Good work environment, Respect and harmony are essential for our mental and professional peace, but it must be accompanied by adequate facilities worthy of our profession, which we all know is lucrative. In our offices you will have a receptionist, a work cubicle, a conference room where you can do your closings, a training room, telephones, internet, printer, access to comparables, market analysis and everything you need to carry out your work.

  • Customer leads,Thanks to our advertising campaigns and our loyal portfolio of clients, our office receives daily contacts from people who want to sell, buy or rent a property, these calls are shared with our associates. 

  • High percentage of remuneration, We know that in real estate we are self-employed and our remuneration is directly proportional to our numbers in production of sales or rentals, but with good training and with all the tools provided, we are sure that you will achieve the goals that you set for yourself. 

Join and grow with us!

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